Monday, October 26, 2015

The light at the end of this tunnel

I am so close to the finish line of my current "teacher summer camp". It is almost painful how close I am. Yet. . . I am still so far away. I need to study my heart out tonight so I can pas my test in the morning. Please, Jesus, let me pass!

I have two more Bible tests and one Math test.

I feel that once I am done with all these horrid little tests I will be a million times lighter and a million times free-er.

I studied all yesterday. I took two tests and have started studying for the next Bible one. Tomorrow is the Math one . . . oy. Math. Not my favorite but tomorrow, tomorrow he's mine! I will conquer him once and for all!

When I am finished you bet your bottom dollar I'll let you know. There will be a party of Biblical proportions. Amen.