Saturday, March 11, 2017

Good on ya Sonya.

I love having my name rhyme with things. Around all my Aussie friends it rhymes with their encouraging phrase: Good on ya! Tessa and Renee, the two legend I share an apartment with these days, often affirm me with that phrase. Then they immediately apologise because they think I've probably gotten tired of hearing that--to which I let them know I LOVE it and they can say it all they want.

To make it even better sometimes Renee breaks out into song. It's the greatest song ever. Please enjoy and feel free to sing along the next time you see me.

Packing up Gertie's Basket

When I go to church I have a few things I take with me. I need my dress, cardigan, Bible, water bottle, purse and a possible potluck contribution. That's a bunch to add.
This is what I start with:
Having a bike basket is like having a car, it ends up holding trash and other rubbish.
 It's important that I put the full water bottle closest to the handle bars because of the extra weight shifting around as I turn corners or simply dodge around the traffic. Second I put in the books (Bible and notebook). Then in goes the clothes and purse with the bread on top!

This is what I end up with after packing it all it in:

Steady as she goes! Keep straight on with the bike not leaning too far to the left or right and she'll be right.