Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I went to Arusha last Friday.

I discovered something that I had no idea I would find, ever in my lifetime. I found the Tanzanian REI, the Rock Creek of Arusha, the haven of all things outfitters. I found the market that sells American outdoor apparel. It was all there; North Face, Black Diamond, Keen, Choco, Teva, Marmot, Alpinist, H/H and many other brands. Can you believe it? And the price, oh, let me tell you about the price, I asked about a pair of Choco’s almost just like mine only they were a single strap and they cost around 80,000 Tsh, a mear 43 Usd, and even that could possibly be talked down. The backpacks that I saw were only 50,000 Tsh, 27 Usd, and like I said they might even be talked down.

The isles were lined with all kinds of brand name hiking shoes and sandals, warm fleeces, backpacks, warm hats and wonderful dreams of adventure. The backpacks were hanging on their hooks waiting for a voyage of discovery on the Mountain of Meru or the peak of Kilimanjaro. The dreams of adventure are born in places like that, and it’s my very own Tanzanian REI, Rock Creek of Arusha and haven of all things outfitters.

Come for a visit and we can get you outfitted for the wilds of my backyard.

Which by the way, this is a picture of what I saw in my ‘backyard’ yesterday. I only walked about 30 min to see it too.


Jackie said...

I'm in the market for a new daypack, especially if it includes you AND awesome wildlife. I'm sold.

Elisabeth said...

Oh My Word!! You walked to see that??!! I have to get out there, soon! :)

Marilee said...

God's beautiful creatures. Love the giraffe "sitting" down and turning his head. The hillsides are so lush. Amazing.

Sirill said...

But are they the true brand or fake?