Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Breathing Together as One

While I was living in Norway I met my very first Estonians, actually I found out that a country called Estonia even existed. I learned quickly that they (and I can generalize because I've met several Estonians and there aren't that many of them) are very soft spoken, kind and generally happy people. Their people have something about them that I love. Something that I struggle finding, peace (the soft kind that doesn't have to fight for it) and togetherness, where the people unite and come together as one. While in Norway I was told a bit about their struggle with being an independent people and the fight they put up against communism and the Nazis. It was a very captivating story. I watched a documentary on it called The Singing Revolution (Here's about the movie). What a people! What a way to live and love and change the world.

Then today my Estonian friend posted a clip of the giant concert that has been going on for over 150 years and that played a very big role in the revolution. It moved me deeply. It is all about how a people can come together and breath as one. Singing with thousands of others in a choir and breathing and living for those moments as one people.

I want to do that. Isn't that something that we can do? I feel like that is one of the reasons I love worship songs on Sabbath at the opening of our church service. It is a time where we can forget all the junk that is going on (like they did during communism rule) and we can sing as one in worship and adoration to God. But not this puny little voice nonsense. We sing with our whole being, with every fiber of our soul because we are one and we are together acknowledging Him. As Fanny Crosby put it "I sing because I cannot be silent, His love is the theme of my song". THAT is what I want, I want to feel alive and whole with people who believe as strongly as I do about something. Singing together is a moment when we as a group of believers in what God has done for us can show the evil around us that we will not be forgotten by our God and we will not stand silent while we are in this battle.

I didn't even know I had such passion for this until today when I watched this clip. One day I want to go to Estonia and be with those people as they sing boldly and proudly.
Watch it and let me know how you feel. Is it the same? Will you stand and sing with me?


If you get the chance watch the documentary, it's change your life.


Andrea said...

I did see this documentary, and it did change my life. It's always cool when God can take stories like this and open your eyes to see how it applies in spiritual life and community. Good thoughts.

Emily said...

Life changed. What would happen if Americans would celebrate around song instead of food?