Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I found this video last night. It is from Christmas 1993. A real gem of a find. I was 10 years old and it was the year all my grandparents were in one place for the holidays. I love listening to my Papa John and Damama's genteel Southerner drawl. It's so smooth and warm. Especially my Papa John's voice. What I wouldn't give to hear that voice again. To tell him the stories of my adventures and my dreams. I hope they would be proud of me.

Not only did I watch footage of my beautiful grandparents, parents and (squeaky big) brother but I also was able to watch little 10 year old Sonya make what might be my first real public commitment to God, my baptism. Knowing what I know now about myself I find it a little bit, scratch that, I find it really funny how terrified I am. My stage presence maybe was a gift from God that came from baptism? It must be because I look like I am about to vomit everywhere. It might not help that I am wearing what appears to be the tapestries or a couch.

The important part is I remember giving my life that day to God. I remember the seriousness of the choice (hence the serious vomit expression). I remember being proud that all of my family was there and that Jesus and I shared a fake birthday together (December 25). I remember being excited that this was it, I was going to live the life of following my new best friend.


ChuckR said...

Brought tears to my eyes. Love my little girl.

Andrea said...

This is still so funny to me. In a serious kind of way.