Thursday, May 21, 2015


When I was in OZ a couple months ago I bought some Vegemite and Marmite to bring home. I was told by my friend that I should eat a little bit on my toast everyday for a week and then I'd like it. So. . .. I've decided the first week after school I'm going to try it. I'll eat Vegemite every single day on toast for breaky for one week. We'll see if I like it. I'm encouraged by these two clips. Partly because apparently it's a fad now in America, partly because if I do it right I should love the stuff, right?

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Andrea said...

These were great! I used to watch the middle school kids in NZ demonstrate how to eat vegemite. And actually I don't think I ever saw anyone eat it on wheat bread. It was always that cheap white "bread." Good luck with the vegemite week... (And when you get used to that, go for the hard-stuff--Marmite. It's even "better"--that's what they use in NZ).