Friday, September 28, 2007

Sick and tired of sick and tired.

Have you ever been sick and it feels like you have been sick for days on end? Well that’s how I feel right now. I have contracted what already three others in my famil have had: a Tchadian bird flu. I got it officially on Tuesday and was quite miserable on Wednesday. I’ve had a fever and more sweat than a monkey on the sun. It would just run down my face. And it didn’t help that the last few days have been really extra hot, so I’ve been told because I was hot anyway. So I’ve felt like the last few weeks I’ve really not been much use to anyone except the tissue makers and the malaria pill makers. Since I went to the capital, whenever that was, I’ve been sick. First with malaria, again, then with this. While in all actuality it might only be 1 week it doesn’t matter because time to me is nothing. I am now on what I believe to be the homeward bound stretch. Only a runny nose now, unless I take one of the few sinus pills I brought with me that makes me really sleepy. At least I am really adapting to all the local maladies. Silly continent switch, makes all my previous immunities useless. I don’t think I’ve been this continually sick in the states—ever, least not that I remember. So send prayers and get well flowers :o) But know that by the time the flowers get here I’ll be better and I’ll use the seeds to plant in my flower garden outside my hut.

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