Friday, September 14, 2007

So Let Me Sit Down and Tell You a Story...

Last Friday I sat down and very excitedly wrote and a blog update about me going to N’Djamena. Then I got up to return to the hospital to finish working. On my way there I ran into Sarah and she asked where Hans was and suggested that I go talk with James and André (the hospital Admin). I went and talked with them and SHOCKER plans changed! Really what’s new, I should have known :o) I had thought that I was going to get my way paid for to go the capital but it turns out the hospital can’t afford to pay so I was going to have to pay for myself and it also turns out that we weren’t going to be needed to pick up the Danish girl because she couldn’t make it either and we weren’t going to be needed to stay the whole week or go in general if we didn’t want to. A little flustered and confused I went to tell Hans the news. I still wanted to go to the meeting and I felt that the whole trip would be useful, but I wasn’t sure because I was really low on money for the month and wasn’t sure how it would all work out. But before I got to Hans’ house I had decided I really wanted to still go and I felt God leading us to go. Hans also felt that we should still go. So we planed to leave Saturday still and then just return Monday or Tuesday. (Sorry Sarah of America’s mom, but don’t worry. I just heard from Sarah of Denmark and she talked to Sarah of America and she got here safely and is staying with the head pastor of the church in N’Djamena. Don’t worry he speaks decent English)

The way there was crazy, we were very squished in the van (25 in total!) and in the back there were 11 men who had just been initiated into a religious type thing. Not sure what exactly it means but I have no doubt that it is led by the Devil. So without a doubt I think I prayed most the way there. Which is fun, if ever you are on a long trip and can’t read or anything I suggest turning off the radio and just praying it makes time go by fast and gives you spiritual power. We finally got to N’Djamena late Saturday evening and bunkered down for the night in prep for a hopefully good following day. Oh! On the way to our ‘hotel’/mission home we stay at, we got to take a motorbike ride to get there. Way fun to drive on the back of a crotch rocket at night in a busy capital :o)

Come Sunday morning we head off to be at the church where the meeting is supposed to start at 8am. . . naturally Hans and I forgot we were in Africa and the meeting didn’t start until 9am. . . whatever.

The meeting. PRAISE GOD!! The meeting was amazing; the assistant director of Human Resources was there from the head office in Washington, DC! He is the man in charge of recruiting people to work for ADRA and I got to meet him, more importantly Hans and I met with him on Monday morning for an informal meeting/lets talk about work. And he asked for Hans and me to send him our resume!!!!! The meeting was very useful to explain the purpose and mission of ADRA, it was a nice refresher course for me. I learned that there is a group of people coming from ADRA at the end of this month to do a needs assessment on Tchad and I have been trying to get a hold of one of the women who works for ADRA and now I know she is coming here and I might get to sit down and met with her instead of via email!! Plus, think of how amazing it would be to see how they do a needs assessment and get to talk to the people. AHh, my blood gets excited just thinking about it. I learned more information on what kinds of things I should do here at the hospital to try and get this program started, it gave me a better picture of how things work and jargon to use. And to top off the whole weekend God does provide. We were given a free lunch and they reimbursed us for our travels and one night stay at our house!!! God wanted us there; He gave us the money to get there. If I hadn’t trusted the Holy Spirit leading I wouldn’t have gone to the capital, learned all of the things I did and allow God to pay the way! God is good.

So while I am back early that’s okay, I really missed my country life and my famil here. Apparently little Gungadin was quite sad to see me leave and cried, then the whole time I was gone would look for the cars passing by to see if I was on them. What a sweet famil, I don’t know how I am going to leave here in 9 months if it’s been this hard for just one month.

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Did you ever officially introduce your audience to Hans? Just wondering. :)