Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The arrival

On wed the 3rd of October we were going to have our evening Bible study
and it was taking forever to get started mainly because I was very aware of
the time as I was waiting for Andrea to call me from the land of porcelain
toilets. One of the interruptions was the arrival of another last min short
term volunteer, Dr Bond, Dr James Bond. Clearly not his real mane-who would
name there child that? It's just a name he chooses to go by, you'd
understand if you met him. Well with the arrival of the short term surgeon
things changed. On Thursday after I did my TM med rounds I headed over to
the house to try and work on the programming. I was met b Dr Bond and soon
drafted into the army of medicine. He wanted me to go with him to do
consultations at the hospital to see if any of the patients in the waiting
room were surgery cases and if they were we put them on the schedule for the
following day.

Should have known then I'd be busy. I saw more patients then I really have
in the entire 2 months I've been here. I saw lots too-every thing from
hernias to simple back pain to a malnourished baby that's body was going
crazy from lack of food. So he has eczema, which means his skin is jus t
peeling off in lots of places. During that time we scheduled 2 surgeries for
that Friday-the next day. Both of which Dr Bond was expecting me to help
with. Thursday left me feeling more instant usefulness, a right
away-everyday instant usefulness, than I had felt the whole 2 months here.

Wait a min!!!

I'm a social work. "Yes" he replied "this is social, this is so
you can understand the socialness of the people here after and during

People told me I'd end up doing medical stuff. Kenny, one of the
Loma Linda med students, told me before I left I'd end up being a nursing
student. I strongly protested. What can I do" I don't' even like medicine. I
care about peoples well being-after surgery. But being stubborn, especially
when someone has confidence in me I was gun-ho to give working in the bloc a

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