Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Friday night

Liz was on the schedule for the night so I had secretly planned on coming
back to work with her the night to keep her company and to get a better idea
of what they have to go through as the work. So I came back after eating a
bit at home. I was only home for a bit because the surgeries took sooooo
long and I finished after 4pm. I had been back with Liz for a bit (around
7:30 pm) when we had to go over to get Dr. Bond for him to look a patient.
Come to find out there was a woman who needed to have a cesarean section
birth that night. So since I had already been in the bloc all day they let
me help in the OR again! It was my first birth, the baby was great, very
healthy and all. Right away even as they were suturing up the woman we
started the baby breast feeding. It was a whole new situation for me. A
birth. A miracle of life. I helped move the woman after the C-section to her
bed and making sure the family knew to breast feed the baby and not give him
water but breast milk, everyone knows Breast is Best! As I was moving her,
another patient came in, a stab wound. I came back into the waiting area of
the OR and they had started investigating the wound, James was in the
process of putting in a tube into the lung and Dr Bond was investigating the
stab location to see what was punctured. As soon as it conformed that there
was damage to organs we rush and set up the OR. So we got to work, yet
again. James scrubbed to assist, Dr Bond to do the surgery and Sarah for
anestisa and me for circulation. The whole time I was working I was so
excited that I got to be there, I was exhausted but who cared! I was up late
at night in the bloc working with everyone else. The man turned out to be
okay, but only after a LONG surgery. We finally got done around 12 or 1 am.
It's hard to do surgery on men like this one because of the fact that first
of all he already had been drinking and then for the fact that he was a
drinker in general, they react funny to the Anastasia. Don't drink, just for
the fact alone that it makes it harder to operate!!! When they finally
closed him all up he had so many tubes hanging out of him and so many
stitches holding him together. But he was alive and breathing well. Amen.

The rest of the night/morning I slept with Liz for a few hours before the 5
am meds. From then on out we were up giving meds. That is my crazy start to
a surgery week. Since then I've been helping Dr Bond in the OR most
everyday. Except the day that the Malaria hit hard again, but even then I
wanted to be in there helping and being a part of all the action. I am so
thankful that Dr Bond helped me get started in there. I now know where most
things are and can help circulate. I love trying to anticipate the needs of
the Dr or assistant before they voice them. I might not be able to handle
cutting skin, but I can handle giving compresses. So from a new found
medical girl, this is Sonya signing out for now, I have to go to another

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