Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ontario, . . . California

Here I await the bus that will take me to the train that will take me to Fresno where someone from camp Wawona waits to take me to camp! Downside is it's only 12 noon and my bus won't be here till 2pm. Set to arrive in Fresno at 8pm!
Sheesh, I've never traveled by bus in the states before! Yet another memory trigger to traveling in Honduras and in Africa. Cool. It can't be the same. . . can it? Chickens in seats, people crammed in, dust coming through the windows? Although I remember one trip in Honduras that was in a really nice bus, good comfy seats, big closed clean windows.
I had a blast yesterday. WE had lots of people over for lunch. What started off as just a few people coming over ended up as 15-20 people eating with us :o) The really funny part was they were all mainly 3rd year med students, who knew each other already. Liz and I (although it was mainly Liz) whipped up some tasty food
. The fellowship was fun. Since Joe and Christine had been in Tchad too we chatted a bit about our time there. Always a captive med school audience when the stories are of crazy medical situations and diagnosis. I found it fun to be around good people my age again.We all laughed a lot and told fun stories. Oh and Kelvin Lim came! I hadn't seen him since he left Southern in '03! That's a long time. So anyway, then we all went hiking to some falls up in the mountains. We wanted to find snow so we headed off the beaten path to find some. I doubted a bit but Liz said she knew where there was some. . . at points we were barely hanging on to the mountain. I almost fell down it but was saved by a dead tree and Dan (the guy behind me). The hike up was rough. I didn't think it was going to be worth it or maybe I hoped it would be.
We found it though! Snow in SoCal in the middle of June--cool! We all had fun playing in the snow. My fingers got really cold. We played a bit then headed back out. What a fun adventurous, exhausting Sabbath. Making new friends, visiting with old friends and enjoying God's nature. Ahhh.

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Elizabeth Randall said...

Ohhh...Sonya...what a wonderful time it was having you here....wish we could live it again!!! Accept this time a little better prepared with food :) Hope camp is going wonderful. I think of you often and wish you the absolute BEST!!!