Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I’m not often sick for home. I was cured of that as a child when I spent the night at my bestfriend, Dana’s house. I was homesick and she had me sit in the homesick chair as we played with the animal dolls from the 80’s. It was great I was cured for life. However I do sometimes wish people could be here with me or I had certain items of comfort, but never to the point of no return.

A week ago or so I was wishing I could have my camp padres here in Skotselv with me though. I think it was all the outdoors and the crazy adventures in it that made me miss them. We were at a river that reminded me so much of the river Merced that flows behind Wawona and I remembered the great falls that were just the right temperature of cool. Then when I looked around at the river in Skotslev I though how different things would be if they were there. Princess and I would be talking on a rock or Scott leading us on a crazy trail by the river. Beth and I contemplating the world, Anthony and Chelsea and I planning some crazy party, Or I would have been dragging my bedding down to the river to camp out. I would do it now but I am to lonely for the rest of my Indian village to go.

Then I went trappeasing through the mountain ridge last week. I thought frequently of my friends from camp and wished they could have been there. I could only imagine all of us on a day off climbing that crazy thing. I guess now I could climb Half Dome and not have a problem. I was using skills I had gotten from living in Yosemite National Park all summer. For a lot of the trip I had to blow my nose and was using my outdoor skills. When I was free climbing up the giant rock face I thought of Derek, Jessie and Ryan going climbing and wished they could have been here to enjoy it with me. I was able to go long distances because of that hike Allie and I took to the big trees.

So perhaps I shouldn’t be homesick because I have so many memories and skills from camp. I do however know what would help with the longing for camp. . . if they came to me!

(I’ll pay for your lodging and food if you can come!!!)


Andrea said...

It's safe to say that you are officially more outdoorsy than me now. Congratulations. :)

Anthony said...

That sounds fantastic. I do miss you too. The camp is quiet most of the time and the usual noises are rarely heard. Less chirps on the radio and less trips to the river. There are whispers in various places and memories wander around. It is a good place but everybody that comes makes it better.

dreamcatcher1717 said...

although i'm not from camp, i'd come and visit you wise stick. ^^

<3 -The small stick (or..Sarah.)