Sunday, October 4, 2009


For Pete’s sake, October 3, 2009. I can’t believe it’s snowing. I am sitting in my flat listening to a sermons as I eat my breakfast and I look out the window to see something floating around outside. What is that? Great, snow. If it is snowing today only the third day in October, what am I going to do after just one month!! Now it’s coming down more obviously, not so much a mini flutter but more of a salt shaker falling. Happy Sabbath. I’m excited about snow, but I’m just a bit fearful, although I will like the idea of sitting next to my wood stove enjoying the warmth while I look outside at the snow. But really? October 3? My mom is going to the state fair of Texas on Monday. It’s still in the 80’s Fahrenheit /high 20’s Celsius in Texas. Here I woke up yesterday and it was -3 Celsius/26 Fahrenheit. Of all the crazy things. Snow.

In case you were wondering, it’s still snowing outside. Things are beginning to turn white. And I know those of you from the north, west and everywhere else it’s cold and snows must be thinking that she will get used to it, I beg to differ, how can one get used to seeing such a miracle? Yesterday this time I could see all the grass, the gravel, the roof tops. Now I look outside and see white lacing all of that. Will I ever see things the same? Does this just melt off in a few days and look like it rained? What happens next? This is so new to me and forigen. I have no idea how to mental anticipate what happens next. Last year at Christmas time when I was in Washington State for the holidays and I experienced a LOT of snow I learned about the concept of size, texture and good snowman snow. But I wasn’t there to learn what happens when it snows in October. Will it melt and go back to what it was or do I need to wait till spring for the grass and trees?

Now they are big fatty flakes.

Is it to late to take back my prayer for an early snow fall?

(just a late night update on the snow, it fell for about an hour and a bit more this morning. However the snow falling soon turned to rain and all through church and lunch the rain fell melting the snow and making a big muddy mess. The locals tell me that this was a freak incodent and the weather should be nice the next few weeks. [They also said it wouldn’t snow. . .])


Rachel said...

At least you've got your love to keep you warm! Bundle up love. Miss ya!

Missionary Girl said...

Oh how much I long for snow right now!

Andrea said...

I think it was just a special gift to celebrate my birthday. :)

Miss Jehle said...

Wow. I think every time I start to feel sorry for myself in Berrien Springs, I will think of you.

How does that make you feel?

Hopefully just good that I will think of you often :)