Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Norwegian Style

In the start of November Maggi Harrel asked me if I could coordinate Thanksgiving day for the group of Americans. At first it was easy I just told people what to bring and to go to Gabriela's house, that is until last week when we realized Gabriela couldn't host it because her kids had the Christmas concert to go to. I then volunteered Gronvold because I had the space.

So that's how I got to host my first Thanksgiving day feast.

I was a bit worried on Thursday and Friday but it all melted away. I cleaned up the house and put out my Christmas decorations. Sunday I woke up ready for the festivities to begin. People were set to start arriving at 12 to eat around 1pm. I had to make an apple pie and mash potatoes. (I signed up for mash potatoes because that is my brothers favorite part and I though I should make them in honor of him, although I am sure they didn't taste the same because I didn't have the same ingredients).

Everything went great. We had 12 people and 1 baby. There was Joy (American) and her 4 children (Norwegian/American), Nila (American), Luke (American) and his wife, Inga (Latvian), Maggi (Norwegian, married to Jason who is American and the sponsor on the Tanzania trip with the EBS students), Bjorn Åge (Norwegian) and his wife Erin (American) and of course me (American).

We had a full table of food! Gluten, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, salad, cornbread, dinner rolls, rutabaga, elder berry juice, norwegian cranberries, McCormick gravy, and AMAZING deserts! Pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie and my apple pie, tofu and regular ice cream.

After we ate the main course we left all the dishes on the table and went outside to play some football on the icy grass. It ended up being the full blooded Americans versus the Europeans :O) No one won. We were all just that good. It was nice to add that to my traditions. I hadn't played in a while and it was quite fun. After the game we ate desert and played more games inside. Taboo and Fantisi, a norwegian game like gestures and pictionary combined. It was much harder to play with teams of mixed languages and cultures. I was a bit off my game, but there were some moments of shinning glory.

All my plates were used, my serving utensils, silver ware, cups, bowls, pitchers and chairs. A dream come true. I truly was thankful for it all. Thanks to all of those who were a part of the celebration of Thanks.

Where ever I am next year I hope I am able to share the special day with people as jovial and lovely as each person at the feast.

Here's to good food, family and friends.

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