Friday, December 18, 2009


What is faster than a speeding bullet,
Happier than a puppy and
More content than a partridge in a pear tree?

Sonya driving on the real live German autobahn!!

Alexa arranged for her friend Patrick to pick me up from the airport Weeze—great name :D We had to take the autobahn to get to the train station. . . he totally offered to let me drive. I was so scared at 100 kmp but he told me I was to slow . . . so I picked up the pace and went to 160 kmp, yet he said I should go even faster! So 180 kmp. Kazam, so fast! Like a lightning bolt. Mario Andretti and Jeff Gordon couldn’t keep up with me.
Then once we were at the train station we passed . . . drum roll please . . . a starbucks!! I had just been thinking about that place :o) Patrick bought me a hot chocolate with ginger bread flavoring, yummy. Ahh, what a great start to my holiday. Thank you Jesus for adventure and keeping me safe. Beilfield here I come!
I am so excited to see Alexa. I have dreamed of visiting her since we lived together in Honduras, almost 6 years ago! Yowzers. Did I mention I got a hot chocolate not coffee? —Imagine if this was with caffeine, ekk, I could run faster than this train if it was. And it’s the fastest train in Germany.
Tonight will be nice.
Tomorrow will be great—Berlin with Judith #2 who I haven’t seen since I left Honduras on that sad day at the airport . . .

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Andrea said...

Sigh. Contented smile. Almost tear..not quite. :)