Monday, December 7, 2009

Tales from Stockholm

We met up with the Bolivian pastor, Pastor Edwin Soto and he graciously opened up his house to us in teh center or Stockholm, just 7 minuets walk from the train station. The Swedish Conference of SDA's own a building that houses three churches, Finish, Swedish and Spanish. It also includes the Soto's apt, offices for the church, Conference offices, la voz de esperanza and other type things, a second hand store and I'm sure other things that I don't know about. I would compare Stockholm to NYC in diversity of people and business, only Stockholm shuts down earlier in the evening.

The Soto family was great. They all treated Ben and I like we were family. THey not only opened up their small apartment to us but a Brazilian friend who was getting baptized with his twin, his brother stayed elsewhere for the weekend.

As far as Spanish goes I hadn't spoken that much in at least two years. Perhspas since I lived in New Jersey with Maria's family that summer I did my internship in the city at the Salvation Army HQ. I told the children's story at church, gave a testimony and explained the school at the AY (Adventist Youth) meeting then I gave another testimony at the baptism of the two young Brazilian men.

It was great. I loved the adventure of it all. I am glad however that my university profesor wasn't around to hearme talk at the AY meeting! Euwph. Bad, rough and mixed with French! I told my top 3 stories, childrens-1 mango = 2 mangos, AY- Esrom literature and baptism God planning our lives/the baby birth. My best story was the last one. Perhaps it was because I was finally getting back in the swing of Spanish or because I did not thing much about it or I relied so much on God to tell it through me.

There were people from all over, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia -- it was amazing, expecially because it is so cold in Sweden! The church normal has 50 members. After church we had a lunch cooked by the CHilians, last week was by the El Salvadorians and Houndurans. Next week is the Bolivians. The afternoon was AY which lead into the baptism. It was such a nice afternoon. Supper was light for all those who went to the baptism.

By the end of the day I was exausted! I was tired from the tips of my toes to my eyelashes. So after all the activities of the day Ben and I figured out our next adventure and played a bit on the internet . . .
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Andrea said...

Wow--good on ya for all that spanish! You're such a Euro now--speaking at Spanish church, mixing in some French, in Sweden. I'm really glad you are there.