Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday 27 December

Shall we talk about the tragic confusing life of Karl Junker? His house is quite interesting. It has a personality like a person who “looks interesting”, then you hear them speak and listen to their stories and you wonder to yourself. They are a bit overwhelming and a bit heavy/hard to be around at first. Of course all of this is based on appearances and the initial getting to know them. Once you hear their story you hear their past, their reason in life, their passions, things start to make since, they start to show their beauty. Perhaps it’s their internal beauty, but I think it’s the beauty of who they are and you find the key to see the full picture.
I first saw the house without any previous knowledge and was overwhelmed and a bit creped out. It was dark, overbearing and

simply strange. All that work and he never even used all of the rooms in the house?! But then I “got to know him”. I heard his story. He traveled as a young man and studied art, architecture and this was his personal contribution to the world. Sure he lived 20 years or so by himself simply carving and painting, without a companion, but perhaps that is simply what is the missing link, it is the part that we don’t understand in his story. What if he loved someone and it was for her that he made this house, this contribution to the world, but she never came or she died or she loved another man?!

I’d like to go back again with my open mind and heart. I think I might see and feel differently. I suppose I learned to not judge a house by it’s decorations because behind every carved door there is a story.

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