Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A tea-totaler.

"Hello, my name is Sonya and I drink tea."
"Welcome Sonya."
"I drink tea when I am happy, when I am down in the depths of despair, I drink it when it's gotten cold, when it comes with tapioca balls (bubble tea),I drink when I am not feeling well, when I am cold, when I am at work, when I am at the train station. I drink. . . I drink tea."

I have always enjoyed a cup of tea here and there. It is warm and comes in many flavors. While in university I found that I enjoyed the flavor of coffee but not so much the side effects, it made me jittery and I talked even more than normal. So I suppose this is where it all started (except I do remember drinking Earl Grey in the mornings before I left the house while I was in high school).

While I was living in Tchad my family drank tea every morning. In fact Ama wouldn't really let me leave unless I had my cup of tea and if by chance I missed my cup she would hold it for me to drink when I returned. In conversation with Mathieu, the father, we talked about caffeinated tea and how he didn't like it. He preferred to drink the hibiscus, citronella and some other type of tea where the seeds are roasted and it smells like coffee and tastes wonderful. Tea became an every day thing for me that year.

While working at Georgia Cumberland Academy I also drank my fair share of tea. Attempting to keep my tradition alive of drinking tea I would bring some to work in a little cup or my Nalgiene full of tea. After prayer meeting on Wednesdays when we would go hang out at Starbucks I would order a grande cup of Mint tea with only one tea bag. Then I would keep the extra cup they gave me and use it later in the week to take more tea to work in (I mainly did that because I looked cool with a cup of and it made the students jealous that they didn't have any :0).

Now that I am here in Norway where it is cold and I enjoy being warm amidst all the cold I have found it almost a necessity to have a cup of tea every morning. ALAS, I have been very unsuccessful in finding a wide assortment of un-caffeinated tea, yes people have told me to look here and there, but either I don't have a car to do so or I just was unable to find it.

I had heard through the grape vine that Germany was a good place to find herbal teas and when I went there at Christmas time I had very high hopes of discovering new and exciting flavors. Boy oh, Boy was I not disappointed. It was beautiful! Every time we would go into a new grocery store I would excuse myself from the group and head straight towards the tea isle. Each and every time there were so many new and exciting flavors, all without caffein!

I now have a very large assortment of teas. Everything from Happiness tea to blueberry with yoghurt. I love them all. I drink at least one liter a day if not more. I drink at the office, at home, and if it were possible I would drink in my car.

I've been sent teas, given teas, inherited teas, gotten my own teas. I just love teas.

Currently I am in the process of finding a tea from Messemer Tea company. It's called Romeo and Julia. I want it for many reasons. 1 The name is so romantic I am certain that it is a type of love potion, 2 it has a special ingredient: MARZIPAN!

So come stop by we will have a cup of tea at my table and talk about life, cause I love tea and if we run out I can always put more water on to boil.


Anonymous said...

I love tea parties! Some day soon we should have one with lots of storytelling, depth, and laughter :)

Ansley said...

All last summer when I was living in Ethiopia it was cold and rainy every day--especially in the mornings and evenings. We drank cup after cup of delicious herbal tea that kept us warm and cozy as we worked away the hours. I love how the toasty mug warms your fingers.

Megan Newmyer said...

Yum... I've become rather obsessed with Rooibos Tea lately myself... its good stuff... Wish I could come visit and have some tea with ya!

joar andré said...

I got inspired by your blog and made a "tea film" today. Have you tried Turkish apple tea? It is really good :-)