Thursday, March 4, 2010

so i sit and wait.

i check my email as often as possible. I click refresh more often than I blink. I am waiting for word from the ADRA Norway offices on me being needed as a volunteer in Haiti. I don't know what God has in store for me but I feel called to Haiti to help. I have some weeks of holiday time to use and this is how I want to use them. Since submitting my cv to ADRA Norge I have been reading up on the situation and the cries of help have penetrated my heart. I want to go and serve in such a tangible way. I am willing to give up things to go, I am willing to go without pay, I am willing to face malaria again, if only God will send me.

However, here is something I found today that spoke to me in a deep way:

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. Matthew 6:34 (The Message)

So I will try to not click refresh every 2o min and I will focus on the mission God has given me right here in chilly Norway. The cool thing is I can still pray about Haiti and tell God that I am willing to go wherever. Then I can be confident that He has heard me prayers.

What an awesome God we serve.


kessia reyne said...

I'm reading a biography of George Muller right now. Good stuff.

George Muller wanted to go to Germany; it seemed like the best thing to him. But there were several difficulties in the way. He decided that if it was God's will that he should go to Germany, then God would remove all the difficulties. But if there were some subtle motive hidden to him, then the difficulties could very well be from the Lord. And so George Muller decided that whether he should stay in England or travel to Germany (which seemed like the good thing to him), he would remain content in the Lord.

May you, Sister Sonya, be content no matter the outcome and pay attention to what God is doing right now. One thing I do know: God loves you, and He loves your eagerness to serve Him :)

Emily Star said...

Oh man sonya! yes let's be friends! :) i love that verse--one of my FAVORITES. I hope you get to go to Haiti--that intense drive to help isn't growing on trees in our world. I have heard alot of stories about you. I used to go over to Ansley's house and sleep under that big tree with Kumga, Sware, Twi, and ...ah I'm forgetting...ah! We used to be able to see the stars SO well out at your house. loved it! And Ama, I always thought that was just her that's what i always called her. :) hehe then I learned that it was the word for Mom...but it was too late to change. have an awesome day, thanks for that verse this morning! love emily

Ansley said...

Sonya! Thanks so much for this blog. I think you and I are in a similar spot--I'm back from Germany and just ANXIOUSLY waiting that phone call from MSF confirming my country assignment and departure date. So as you're watching your inbox, I'm clutching my cellphone!!

Thank you for the reminder that it's all going to work out, in good time.


P.S. I know this is already such a long comment but I'm just laughing over the fact that Emily thought Ama's name was really "Ama" for so long--then she just couldn't switch to "Terese!" Ha ha. We creatures of routine we are.

Megan Newmyer said...

If you go, take me with you! haha. That would be so amazing, and I totally relate to the drive to want to help. I'm in a spot right now where everything is up in the air and I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life... waiting on the Lord for instruction, thanks for the blog... I need focus on right now, and work on the whole patience thing too. :) God Bless!

Sarah said...

Dearest Sonya, you always speak the words from my heart. I think some of our desires are cut from the same blob of boule :)

Arthur and I have talked a lot about how easy it is to be constantly focused and excited about the future...and then so easily missing what's happening right now and how we can serve God in the simpler times. I hope you get the chance to go to Haiti. It is such a beautiful country and the people will remind you so much of Tchad!

Lets skype soon. Love you -- Sarah