Friday, June 4, 2010


Camp is coming. In a week I will be well on my way to Camp Wawona, where the sun is warm, the mountains high and God hangs out. It's true, Jesus is at Camp Wawona.

I'm working on getting myself pumped up and excited about heading out there. Not that I don't want camp or I'm over camp but I am needing to focus
and get ready for a summer of hard work, yes, we do work hard and long hours. Hence the picture.

Over all though, I need to pray more. I need to pray for the kids that are going to be coming and learning from all of the staff, I need to pray for the staff who will be coming together to work for the first time and I need to pray for me, that I can be used by God and on His agenda, not mine.

This will be year number 10 for me and it makes me feel slightly old, it also makes me feel slightly blessed. I hope number 10 is a good year because if things go as planned I will be working on a project in Tanzania for awhile. I'm thankful that I've been able to work at camp for this long. It's a dream come true and perhaps later I will be able to tell the story of when I knew I wanted to work at camp.

Here's to camp!


krista said...

just be sure to make it 11. we need to co-counsel again. no questions.

Jana May said...

I'm just as excited! And feeling the need to pray as well. I can't wait to see you and work with you again Sonya!! :D

Andrea said...'re so OLD. :)