Saturday, June 12, 2010

This last weekend I went to a going away party for one of my old high school friends. She was moving up to Canada to be closer to her boyfriend and had one last party to celebrate friendships. The cool thing was I don't live in Texas but was able to go to the party and in that process I was able to see some of our old friends. Friends I hadn't seen in almost 8 or so years! It was GREAT!

We caught up on everyones lives and then on our future plans.

It was amazing, we have gone from se
eing each other every day for four years to not seeing each other for almost 8 years, yet we could still sit down and visit and talk as if we had just gotten out of Mrs Connells Biology class. I imagine we have changed, our world view, our relationship with Christ and so much more. But we could still laugh at the same jokes, talk about the same subjects and well, we still looked almost the same (minus a few curves, curls or colour).

Thank you all who I was able to hang out with! I was blessed to reconnect with each of you and will treasure your friendships.

Here's to our upcoming 10 year reunion!

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