Sunday, July 25, 2010


I want to sleep under the stars.
I want to watch the constellations move.
I want to fall asleep after counting the times I see a shooting stars.

Perhaps I can find someone to sleep down at Indian camp tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Hello it is me Monica Rawson! I served wirh you at Bere hospital! I think of you often. I wonder what path everyone has taken! I hope this finds you well! Monica

Andrea said...

And so you did.

ReneEss said...

Oh, pick me! ME! I want to join you!!! So, I was talking to Jif on the phone today. While she was telling me about her summer you were mentioned. She aksed if I knew you and I enthusiastically responded YES!!!!! Then she paused, chuckled, and said something about us qualifying as kindrid spirits. I agree with her! Much love Amiga!!!