Friday, August 20, 2010


I am currently living on the face of the sun. Yup, it's that hot here. I can't believe I survived this as a child. I don't remember the temperatures ever being this hot. They should have a label on the state sign saying if you leave Texas for extended periods of time to be cautious of when you return because it could be fatal if it is in August.

While I am here, in Texas, my dad is graciously letting me use his extra car, the reason it is his extra is because it doesn't have a/c and it is almost usless in the summer without a/c. It does however have a convertible top which makes up for the lack of cool air flow. I'm a girl and of course enjoy driving around in it, however I foolishly decided to run some errands today between the hours of 12 noon and 5pm. Not the 'coolest' choice I've ever made.

I'm just glad I didn't die of heat stroke.
You Northerners might think I'm exagerating, I only wish I was.


Anonymous said...

It's been HOT here in TN too.

Emily said...

I hear Texas has been having a cold front.. In the 90s or so. Brrr!

Anthony said...

Global Warming.