Sunday, August 22, 2010

My brother, Christopher Reaves.

This afternoon I was able to see my brother perform. It was the first time in something like, 10 years. He was great. He was Dromio from A Comedy of Errors and he was also Haemon in Antigone.

I liked both parts because he played two drastically different characters. The first was a funny comedic role that he has always been good at in my eyes. It's a family thing to get those kind of roles. They just come easy to us. He had wit and great timing. He played well off of the other characters. His character was also a physically abused character! They were always throwing around those servants and he came home with bruises, cuts and damaged appendages.

The second character however was great. He delivered some strong words to the King of Creon, his father. I followed that monologue the whole way with ease and sympathy. He had conviction and passion. I could see the turmoil that his character had. Normally I think to myself that it would be strange to watch my brother play a serious character, but now I know he can and I enjoyed watching it.

While I'm no newspaper review, I give it two thumbs up.

If perhaps you want a to read the real review you can.

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kessia reyne said...

"...providing the most uproarious moments of the show." Nice :)