Thursday, September 2, 2010

I think I live on an airplane

Currently I am sitting on a plane. I've been on a plane for what feels like DAYS. It may in fact be days. I boarded the plane in Orlando on the last day of August and will get off in Kilimanjaro on the first day of September which is coming to a fast end. I've seen movies galore, listened to music, brushed up on my French (Berlitz language game), reconnected with Tetris, read Health magazines, missed a sunrise, sunset and most everything in between. I've had meals and more meals. I've slept, thanks to Tylenol PM and I've dozed, thanks to staying up almost all night the night before I left.

All of our group has made it together safely. We have people from all over the US. Kathy from SoCal, Jessica from Utah, Shannin, Kaylene, Stanley, Enrico, and Charlene from Orlando and me from . . . well . . . I guess I'm from central Cali.

This is my first time to cross the Equator and it's one heck of a crossing.

The supper cart is making it's way by so I'll finish for now. I'll let you know how things go once we get there! I'm ready for anything.

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Nicholas said...

yeah! you're there by now! i know what that flight is like. exactly. isn't arusha lovely? yes. yes it is.