Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A diary entry from the Homestead.

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow Sister Annabelle and I will journey from the homestead. We are going to visit our friends in Bodie, California. I hope to see all our friends and to buy some new ribbon for my bonnet.

We shall travel by our favorite mode of transportation and go through the valley, over the mountains and arrive in only a few hours to the town.

I haven't heard from our friends in a few weeks but they know of our coming, for I have been planning this visit since I first came here from Texas a few months back. I am so excited about sitting down and sipping tea with Sister Annabelle and our friends in Bodie.

Well I had better go off to bed now so that I can be plenty rested in time to leave for my great adventure!

Here's to visiting friends in Bodie, California.

Sister Josephine


chelsea said...

What's my "sister" name?

Andrea said...

My favorite mode of transportation is definitely a car.
--Sister Annabelle