Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo shoot, bang!

This pioneer photo shoot reminded me that I love taking pictures.
I think I'll be taking a few more this month.
Any volunteers?

This one (above) is my favorite because it almost looks legit.

This one is my favorite because it captures a great emotion.


Andrea said...

Great work! I must say, your subject was quite photogenic in that pioneer dress.

Don Keele Jr. said...

Nice work! Didn't know pioneer women could be so good looking!

Nicholas said...

i wish to be in a pioneer photo shoot. i live on the wrong side of the country.

Anthony said...

this pioneer is soon making the journey home and wants to shoot at photos too.

Ansley said...

Sonya, this collection (on Facebook) afforded me a delicious laugh and a much brighter afternoon. Thanks.

joar andré said...

Looks like you've had a lot of fun :-) I love the photos!! And your favorite totally looks legit!

Ben Stitzer said...

First of all, I like how you had two favorites.

My favorite is the very first one. Great job, and Andrea's eyes really pop in that photo. I almost wonder what it would look like as a vertical image.

Looks like some real fun!