Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frozen atmospheric water vapor!

Taken on Tioga pass.

Snow, snow, snow!!!
Snow, snow, snow!
The holiday season can start now!
The sledding season can start now!
I love the look of white covering everything.
I love the crunch of it under my feet.
I love the way they flutter to the ground, cover my hair, tickle my eyelashes.
I love snow.

I'm from Texas, we didn't have things like this when I was a kid.
So give me a break and send in the snow!

On top of this mountain across from my house in Norway.


Anonymous said...

I get giddy about snow too! Definitely when it flutters around and tickles my eyelashes. It has a way of bringing out all the happiness in the heart :)

the things we learn along the way... said...

put more pictures of the snow on! i miss it so much! i'll see it soon enough!
please, i need your email, my friend!

Andrea said...

My bum hurts
And now I have to wear extra shirts
Because snow is cold and wet
But I might like it yet.

Photo credit for Tioga Pass photo: Andrea :)