Tuesday, December 21, 2010

90's girl no longer.

I have graduated from the being the self proclaimed 90's girl to a modern girl with a sliding phone.
I almost had to travel from Fresno, Ca to Granbury, Texas without a phone! How crazy would that be? As if people haven't been doing that for years and years before now. Sheesh. I was, however, kinda looking forward to it. Just think of the adventure, not knowing where my ride was, not knowing if I would ever be found because I had no way of calling anyone. It could have been epic. To bad.

So now that I am a part of the Keele Verizon family I can call you if you have a Verizon number or after hours or on the weekend and I can text anyone I want as much as I want.

Right now I'm at the Fresno airport and I'm excited to be traveling again. I've decided to make this holiday vacation be very good. To help keep me active with what I'm doing and makeing sure I am doing things that matter to the world, or at least are adventurous, or at least require me to get dressed I am going to blog everyday.

"Booring", you might say to yourself, "who wants to listen to Sonya everyday".

Well to that I say, "Who wouldn't?"

If you get a chance email me your number and I'll give you a call, or a text or I might just show up at your door.


Andrea said...

Welcome, Verizon Sister.

kessia reyne said...

Fancy picture-in-picture. Like those TVs that debuted in the 90s. (See, you've still got in you after all!)

Ansley said...

I'm emailing you my number! :)

ReneEss said...

Can you please show up on my door step? That would be wonderful!!! Ps. I'm in Lillehammer for the rest of break. Woohoo!