Thursday, December 23, 2010

Games, it's all in the family.

Something I really like about coming home is the evenings. At my mom's house we always sit around the table and play a game. My grandpa, brother, mom and me. We play for hours and hours. Tonight the game of choice was golf. My aunt and cousin came over for early Christmas celebrations and the 6 of played two rounds of 9 'holes' of golf. It was great fun. I didn't win any over all games but I came close on the first hand.

After the other family left my brother, mom and I played Settlers of Catan. I love that game. We played ALL the time in Tchad towards the end of our time there. So tonight I shared the Tchadian rules with my family. My brother won, but I almost did. If it hadn't been almost 1:30am I might have beaten him, but I was getting distracted by the clock. (a silly excuse I know)

There have been times when I didn't want to play games in the evening. Times when I was not in the mood, I was on break from college or had just gone through an emotional time in my life. But we always play, even when I don't want to. It might sound harsh but in reality I guess it isn't. My brother usually forces me to play and be civil to the family and by the end of the game I'm winning and have forgotten all the stresses of my heart. It's a tradition that I love. I love how we don't sit around the TV and watch silly sitcoms or movies. We talk, we play, we share and we laugh. Oh my do we laugh! It releases things inside and allows the heart to breath freely. I recommend it in every household.

Come on over Saturday night and we'll play Uno or Golf or Skip-Boo or a plethora of other games.


chelsea said...

We play games, too! Maybe not as much as your family, but board games are DEFINITELY a part of family time.

Andrea said...

My mom would really like your family. So would my sister-in-law. :)