Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gone, burned up.

Grønvold, my beloved Norwegian house.

*My bedroom is the small window to the left.
*This is my porch and kitchen and bedroom (back) window.
*My living room/kitchen/dining room
*My bedroom.

My flat in Norway burned down to the ground early this morning (Dec 26). The whole building is gone. Gone.

I loved that house. I know it's only a place but it was so cute, warm, cozy, colourful and it held so many great memories. Now that's all it is, memories.

No one was hurt in the fire, most all the students were gone home on holiday. Aparently the fire started in the living room. As with most all Norwegian houses they are built completely of wood. This particular house was really old, they told me last year that it
didn't even have indoor plumbing until the last 10-15 years. So the
wood was really old and
easily burnable.

It's strange to think how this would effect me if it had happened 12 months ago.


kessia reyne said...

Ack! How sad!

At least it got to experience some Sonya before it went.

chelsea said...


Andrea said...

What?!! That's crazy! I'm so sorry, that is really sad. I'm glad you weren't in it at least, but still, that is awful.

A White said...

That's so sad! I will keep EBS in my prayers!!

Elisa said...

This loss makes me sad. It was a lovely house I have so many nice memories there.