Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My gift to you this year

I know that Christmas is over and it's passed the time that people will listen to Christmas music, which is why I'm not posting a Christmas song right now.

This is a new holiday classic.

It will spark the joy of the giving season and put you in the mood for sharing.

The one thing I ask is please Don't actually watch the video just listen. It's ridiculously stupid and makes the song look dumb and the song isn't dumb it's a new classic!



kessia reyne said...

It may be only your burning passion and excellent publicity that makes this song into a classic.

A White said...

"Yum yum yum. It's fruit cake! It could kill you dead. It's fruit cake! Yeah fruit cake!"

This song almost makes me want to go make a fruit cake with candy cherries and red dye #2. Oh and I can't forget the cin-na-mon and mo-molasses. But I think I'll skip the lots-of-dark rum.


Thanks for sharing Sonya!

jodi said...

LOL Sonya, they've been watching "Baking with Sonya and Co" ~ they add their ingredients just the way you do!! hahahaha!! Hope you have a Happy New Year!!