Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I think about while en-route.

The beautiful Sierras capped in snow, out the window of my plane.

Things I think about or do when traveling.
  • Sometimes I like to touch the outside of the plane as I step into it because it touches the air at really high elevations and some how it feels like that should be dangerous to touch.
  • Sometimes I like to NOT get a drink from the flight attendant. I think that maybe I'm making things easier and that I'm brining the overall cost down one soda at a time.
  • I used to imagine great stories to tell people about myself, but I've realized that the truth of my life is much more exciting.
  • Talk to my neighbor
On that note; let me tell you about the great conversations I had yesterday.

On the first flight I sat next to a woman from Clovis, CA. We both chatted it up. It started as they usually do, with me talking about how I live in Yosemite and how awesome that is. We talked about lots. Yosemite, marriage, family, travel and God. While talking about church and how she felt things were changing in her spiritual walk and she wasn't sure what might happen next, I felt impressed to pass on to her my copy of Steps to Christ. We are studying it at camp on Mondays and just finished the chapter on consecration yesterday. There had been so much information cram packed into that tiny chapter that I kept it in my purse to reread parts of. So I gave it to her. I gave someone literature. That makes it twice now in my life I've given out a book. I think that's cool. It was good to talk with her, I think that was what God wanted all along.

Then things got even crazier! Honestly earlier this week I had talked with God about how I really wanted to talk to people on the plane, to be honest not because I wanted to witness but because I wanted to share and talk things out. And God heard and added His agenda to my flight.

The flight from Phenix I sat next to another great person. He and I started talking and ended up talking the entire way as well. We talked about the usual, Yosemite and how awesome it is and how lucky I am to live there. Then we talked a lot about culture and the importance of it. Language and how we should teach the second language to our children. The difficulties of learning a new language and living in a new country. Whales and how sad it was to see a big huge one washed up on the shore on the coast of CA. Traditions and the enjoyment of sharing them with friends and we talked about my job and his job and my possibilities for a future (that's where God let me talk about what I wanted) Oh and did I mention he was from Iran? The whole conversation wasn't about boring things or the kind where you just nod your head and are polite but it was a good conversation where everyone is asking questions and answering questions.

I liked my flights, they went fast. I enjoyed the chatting. I thank God for the adventures that I was able to have.


kessia reyne said...

a true literature evangelist! way to be open to the Spirit, and way to be enjoying your flights.

you're cool, Sonya.

Anthony said...

well done Sonya. I am glad God has given you the gift of gab; sincere, honest, deep, gab.