Thursday, January 13, 2011

I baked the cake, now come over.

Here it is.
I did it!
I made it!
It tasted like a cross between a nutter butter cookie and a reeses cup.
Those who ate it said it's a rich man's cake.

There's still some left in the fridge if you come soon you can have a piece,
or I'll save it in the freezer if you promise to come before May 2011.

PS. You'll need to bring your own milk to drink with it.


Ali Blake said...

I promise to come before May 2011!!!!!!!!! Save me a piece!!! :)

Jessi Jo said...

I really, really want some!!! You may just have to pass on the recipe to those of us hours upon hours away for the time being.

Elisa said...

oh yum!

the things we learn along the way... said...

it was sOOO good! i'm glad i came!

laSonya said...

Umm Ali, I tried to save some but they ate it all. . . so when you come give me a two day warning and I'll make it again. Jessi, if you come back to camp . . .