Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Growing Up.

I am growing up.

I've realized this recently as I bought my ticket home to Texas for my high school reunion.

I used to be afraid of getting older and not accomplishing the average goals for one my age. But not any more. I've embraced it and I am championing the world of living where God sends me. Well, maybe not championing it but at least boldly living it.

Tonight I was watching a show and as the intro names were coming on I saw one that looked familiar. Devon Sawa. Upon further investigation I realized who he was in the show. Hmmm, he does look familiar. Who was he?

He was none other than Junior from Little Giants.
Oh what a little girl crush I had on him!

And he's alive and still doing what he loves. He's growing up. I'm growing up too.

But think about it, this guy, this Devon Sawa, is my age (okay I just looked it up and he's older than me) But the point is he was a kid around the same time, or he played a kid, around the same time I was a kid and now he's an adult.

So see it is possible to grow up and be successful and live your dream. He was a child star, sure, but he's doing okay in life. He's in a TV show that's doing well. He has given me hope.

Take hope because if some child actor can grow up and still act than I can grow up too and still do what I love.

See I was once little and cute.

Now I'm growing up, just like the trees.


Andrea said...

i thought only trees grew up. :)

chelsea said...

sonya, you live such a cool life. few people have been privileged to do as many things as you have been blessed to do. lucky you. you're growing up awesome.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a girl crush on Devon Sawa too! It was those blue eyes that got me. Three cheers for growing up. It's scary, exhilarating, and so much fun :)

the things we learn along the way... said...

yeah... i'm pretty sure i crushed ALL over that one too... ha ha