Thursday, March 24, 2011


Earth was bold and beautiful.
Every planet, star, and moon circled around her.
She was the center of the universe.

The sun gave her warmth as it marveled at her charm and depth.
All planets couldn't stop looking and watching, even if they had wanted to.
For she was the center of the universe, she captivated them all.

Capturing the attention of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars was how Earth lived.
She told stories of her people, of her great creation.
Always watching everything around her.
Because she was the center of the universe, always looking at herself.

One early moon rotation her sphere stopped.
Everything came to a dizzying halt.
All did not focus on her or circle around her?
Earth was not indeed the center of the universe?

Earths breath slowed, her thoughts churned.
She had been thinking all wrong.
Even now her thinking was focused wrong, it was on herself.
She looked around at the other planets, moons and stars.

She was in the circle too, rotating around the Sun.
The other planets needed the companionship that Earth could offer.
When was the last time Earth took a moment to check on Pluto?
If only she would remember to offer true friendship.

The Sun was the true center, whom they all looked upon
It was He who she needed to have her eyes on.
She could offer what warmth He gave her to the others.
She could give back what she had taken; love, compassion, companionship and her heart.

Earth's world had changed, her perception had grown.
The Sun forgave her.
The stars took pity.
As for the planets, well, Earth hoped the planets could teach her.


Andrea said...

I'm pretty sure this is something we all can relate to. I'm still learning a lot, but it's actually freeing to realize the Sun is the center. It's a lot less pressure in the end.

Anthony said...

And that was just the solar system.