Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night ...

Last year when I lived in Skotselv, Norway I would often refer to my world as a snow globe, the kind you buy in the fancy souvenir shop. The fluffy cold snow floating gently down to the ground was a sight to behold. Walking a mile down the hill at temperatures below zero was not so terrible because I lived in a real snow globe.

Today I live in a slushy machine, the kind you see in a 7-11. The snow is falling almost as fast as the snow is melting on the road. The flakes are big and fatty. When you go anywhere you have to watch out for the swirls and dips of slushy. Going for my long run today was like jogging in the middle of the mix cycle of the slushy machine.

My feet were soaked, my hoodie drenched and my nose runny. But I ran, I was skeptical at first but after the initial shock of jogging in rain/snow/water I was good. Brittany and I plugged along at first at quite a fast pace as if somehow we were trying to outrun the falling snow. At mile 3 I slowed to a slush and she kept on plugging away. The run overall was good, I didn’t do the full 5 miles because my feet were to wet to keep going and Brittany couldn’t even feel her toes. I ran more than I have before but the biggest goal of today was to go. To go run in the snow/rain/water. That was dedication. Phew, I’m glad it’s done with. I’m glad I had to do it, I’m really glad Brittany came and got me to run with her. I’m really glad that you can’t live in a slushy machine forever.

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Anonymous said...

I've been training for a half marathon in the fall, and the biggest obstacle for me has been to run in inclement weather. But, what a triumph and object lesson! You inspire me :)