Sunday, April 3, 2011

Summer 2010

I've recently watched the summer camp staff video from 2010 and it has made me miss many things.

I've smelled the fresh pine air with the warm sunshine and it makes me think of mornings in the summer.

I've cleaned the Cowgirls bathroom and the cold porcelain smell reminds me of summer camp.

I miss it.

I miss:
  • Good long talks with Kimberly
  • Counseling with Laura Brownlow
  • Laughing at Nick and Ashley's antics in the morning
  • Chris Cluzet's ability to always amaze me with his awesomeness
  • Having a needed deep conversation with Beth Hartman
  • Being inspired by Jessie Turner
  • Brainstorming with Chelsea
  • Getting clean clothes from Kaitlyn
  • Trying to understand Fraiser
  • Seeing Allison in all her beauty
  • Watching the Keele's interact on stage- "Whatever Jill"
  • Crying about Peter with Gabe
  • Jamming at the Poolympics with DJ Donnie Crook
  • Watching Rambi perform
  • Laughing at the Klusterhuises work without their shirts-always
  • Hanging out at the river with Princess
  • Camping out at Indian camp with Katie for her first time
  • Loving all the energy Paulette puts to use for us
  • Watching my campers interact and knowing how awesome they are
  • Watching God do His greatest work at night with the stars
  • Feeling real on Friday nights

What do you miss?


chelsea said...

the way camp feels. it feels good to be there.

Ali Blake said...

aw man. me too. can't wait to see the video!

Nicholas said...

oh man. camp is so good. so so good. So. Good.

my word verification word is "slanity." Like, a slant on sanity?

the things we learn along the way... said...

oh my friend.... how i miss you more!