Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have something I want to say about simplicity. I learned it last week; the funny thing is though I can’t get it out. I can’t seem to find a way to simply say it.

The concept is what I learned from my students this last week of outdoor school. We discovered how important it is to keep communication simple. To cut off all the extra words, to cut off all the extra fat that isn’t needed to make your point.

I was reminded that it is important to not put extra words but to keep it simple and to the point. Even now I am struggling with that.

I’ve been praying a lot lately about life. I’ve been trying to be honest and simple with God. It is not always easy. I always want to add fluff to the hard things to say, even to God, I always want to put a cherry on top and soften my feelings, but I can’t always do that. I need to be honest and straight. Why is it scary to be honest with God? Why is it terrifying to ask Him “Why?”.

With people it is even harder, how often do my conversations involve fluff? How often am I afraid of getting down to the hard stuff in peoples lives and relationships because I don’t know how to comfort or relate? I end up using words to sooth over pain or loss instead of simplifying communication and letting them talk.

I want to be simple in my communication.

I want to be simple in my thoughts.

I want life to be simple.

My students reminded me that you don’t always conquer communication in one try; you can’t always make things simple the first go round. Practice, however, does make perfect or at lest better.

Simply put: I’m working on it.


the things we learn along the way... said...

simply amazing!

and it will be simple soon when i see you again!

Andrea said...

Me too. And the upside of you not having a phone is that it cuts out on fluffy communication. :) But there are some bad things about it too, like how I couldn't call or text you on my roadtrip. Oh well, here's to simplicity the hard way.