Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mountains in my life

I woke up this morning in Auburn,Wa. to the light creeping in the windows of my friends motorhome. We are roadtriping home to Texas from Central California/Yosmite, 4 kids, 2, 6, 8, and 10, Shirlean and myself in a 40 foot motorhome with a 20ft car in tow. We went up to Redding,Ca then over to Eureka, Ca and the US 101. North on that till just inside Washington then east till we hit Auburn/Seattle. Which is where you find me right now.
It is here that I find the sun squeezing in the closed windows. I knew today would be different, the sky would be clear and the sunshine warm. As the team ventures outside to head to the fresh produce places I see Mount Reiner, bolf and confident off in the distance. Then I realized in a little over a month I will be living in Arusha, Tanzania with another mountain standing bold and confidant in my horizon,Mount Kilimanjaro.
I am excited and ready fo my next step in life. I will remember the excitment and love I feel this morning. The energy, the sunshine from today, the prayers that are going up for the future kids of the Small Steps for Compassion Home. The mountains. God's calling. Home, love, family, and friends. I have tucked it all away in hy heart.


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You will be a good missionary mom. And I'm glad you'll have a mountain to look at.