Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Mary is 25 and has two beautiful children, Caren and Waren, whom they call Sharon. She currently works at the Ngordoto lodge a supervising waitress. She speaks English and Kiswahili, she is wanting to learn French and perhaps even Spanish.

Mary came to us via the Ngordoto Lodge Hotel where Shannin, Paul Pickle and Ron (of Florida Baptist Children’s Home) met her while they were in Usa River, Tanzania to secure property to start the home for children back in May 2011. In a short time of knowing her they saw in her a beautiful character and a kindness, and she was endeared to them which lead them to ask her to move into their newly purchased house and help Sonya adapt to the culture and language, with the hopes that once the home is filled with children she would become the first house mother.

Mary is a kindred spirit in the few weeks that Sonya has been there they have had wonderful conversations together, discovering Mary’s passion for God, the importance of open communication and her values in raising children to love others. She has opened up her heart and shares everything that is hers with Sonya, including giving her a konga (local African material used as a wrap around skirt) to wear around the house and making sure Sonya has always eaten and is comfortable in the area.

Mary isn’t originally from the Usa River area. She was born and raised in the Moshi region, located on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Her mother still lives there with her younger sister, twin brother and sister and her cousins. Currently her mother is also taking care of her two children until she can bring them to Usa River to live with her as the housemother.

On her days off she likes to visit her family in Moshi, spending time with her children and mother is always a highlight to her week. On her most recent visit before she left Mama Mary (The cultural way to address Mary’s mother) took time to have a family worship starting with singing some hymns with the family and then she shared Psalms 133 with the group.

“How good and pleasant it is

when God’s people live together in unity!

It is like precious oil poured on the head,

running down on the beard,

running down on Aaron’s beard,

down on the collar of his robe.

It is as if the dew of Hermon

Were falling on Mount Zion.

For there the Lord bestows his blessing,

Even life forevermore.”

Indeed it is good to live together in harmony with God’s people. We are very glad to have Mary join us, for now, as a volunteer here at Small Steps for Compassion and we soon hope to make her a full time employee.

Karibu sana Mary.

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