Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You also might not have known.

When I tell people I'm helping to start an orphanage I don't think they realize what that actually means. I didn't until the last few months, mainly this last week.

I am arriving to my house this week. We don't really know what is at my house as far as furniture goes or accessories like plates, bowls and silverware. We do know Juma just bought my bed. We don't know Mary's (the other woman who lives there) schedule for work, does she work all day every day? I don't even know what food is there and what I'll need to by right away. But that makes it exciting for me. I get to frugally buy things for the house, table, bowls and perhaps some other things if funding is there. We are on uncharted waters, this is awesome.

I learned that I get to work on relationships not only with the community, which I am really excited about because I can't wait to drink chi with people and chat and learn Kiswahili and make new friends, but I also need to build relationships with the local University, the SDA one and the public one as well. I get to build relationships with people in positions that can help the growth of the home. I get to develop paperwork to build this orphanage, set up infrastructures and other cool things.

I am glad we aren't planning on accepting children until at least January because of all the community building and development we are working on. Small Steps for Compassion and I are both on the same page with building community and keeping the local culture the main concern and priority in our home. Things are going great.

When I meet people on the plane I just don't think they understand all of those things. I don't even know if I understand all of those things, but I'm glad. I have so much ahead of me and I'm along for the ride. If you are interested in helping set up my house feel free to donate :) Just donate and make sure that you label it for the home fund. I'll put up some pictures soon and keep updating them as I make it a cozy home.

Lots of love from Montreal-Trudeau, Canada airport.


Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping you and the home in my prayers Sonya! This is truly exciting!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that it was me, Tania, who left you that comment, lol!