Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Voice of a Child

[ Masi child going into his hut, Tanzania

by Sonya Reaves, 13/11/11.]

Teach me how to love

I am a child in need of strength and hope.

Love me for who I am, only don’t leave me that way.

I am rude and loud and think of myself

I stand up front and say what I want

It’s almost to late to fix what you started.

Love me and correct me with strength

Teach me when and where to talk

How to know my place.

Show me what it is like to put others first

Love me with the love from your deep heart.

Allow me to fall, but not stay down

Do what you must to teach me how to love

Love me with confidence.


Andrea said...

I wish I could say more than "I really like this" but I am not sure what else to say yet. But I really do.

Anonymous said...

Wow-if all my kindergarten kids had people in their lives like this. Like Andrea I, too wish I could say more than, "I really like this." If this were in 3rd person this could be a mission statement-or more like a mission list.
"Mom" Weis