Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mosquito's Log

Mosquito’s log

Bite date 12.14.2011

The troops in America have failed. They were not able to successfully complete an itch mission on battlefield Sonya. There have been countless attacks on her arms and legs in more than one state, with no itch to mark. The southern mosquitoes in Alabama, Texas and Florida were unable to render her angry and itchy.
When the Honduras division was put on the mission they too failed miserably. They were able to render her comrades from Germany into scabby, itchy messes. They were even able to distract and bother her fellow countrymen/women but nothing on battlefield Sonya.

When the mosquitoes in the mountains of California were alerted of the operative being on the move they assured all that they would be able to make her a bite worth keeping. While other battlefields have been taken out in less than 2 min flat, even when the big and small battlefields have been decked out in outdoor ammo filled with the deadly deet, she has survived.
The Tchadian company of mosquitoes were unable to cause a stir in the night air with an itch. However they were able to transfer many a valuable attack on her immune system with the deadly malaria virus. There were many a brave mosquito who earned his badge in those battles, inflicting pain seven out of the ten months of battle.

Today however I am proud to say that we Tanzanian mosquitoes have won the recent battles on battlefield Sonya. We have caused pain, annoyance, itch, swelling, sleepless nights and successful ear buzzing. The triumph has been noted, the honors handed out and the battle will continue to be taken for our victory. The only defense she might have is if a giant snowstorm came or one thousand bats swooped in. Ha. We will always win in this battle, we are the strongest mosquitoes, no body has anything on us!

Until tonight, log book.

Keep biting, dodging hands, and stay away from the bug spray.


life happens said...

you nerd!
um... mosquito netting?
skype soon please!

Anonymous said...

What intelligent mosquitos to be able to write like that! Amazing.
Marilee Weis

Andrea said...

Yeah. I really hate mosquitoes too. They can really interrupt your life.

Shae Shae Fantastica said...

you didn't give me permission... but I think your mosquito blog is so funny that I am sharing it. You can tell me off later. Yours truly.