Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have realized over the last few years that I might actually like the waiting better than the opening of a gift, package, letter, or party. Is it because I have such an extravagant imagination? Perhaps it is because I know that things won't be what my imagination dreams up and I would rather dream away than face reality?

Either way a friend called me today to let me know she saw my name on a list of packages at the Arusha Post Office! I had planned on heading out after lunch to pick it up but after talking with Juma (it's his PO Box) I learned that I could only pay the tax 0n the box in the morning AND I would have to have his ID to get it out. So I am resigned to wait. To dream. To imagine.

It could be a box from my dearest garden friend containing Christmas joy and music and a million other exciting things. Which it has a good chance to be because she sent it around Thanksgiving.

It could be a box from my good friend in Collegedale containing many things I had on my dream list. Plus who knows what other kind of goodies. It might even contain a Gaither Home Coming DVD or powdered white southern gravy mix. Who knows!

It might be a modest package from my greatest roommate, whose package she sent me while in Tchad was lost forever, but this one we have higher hopes for the deliverance.

It might even be a mysterious package from a friend who I didn't know even thought about me.

I received a package unexpectedly from my friend in Germany yesterday. So far she has sent me TWO and I've been delightfully surprised each time, not expecting anything from Germany.

Tonight I will go to sleep like a child at Christmas time because I know that while I sleep my little package will be waiting for me to pay his bail to get him out of Post Office Jail. I'll head in early tomorrow to end my anticipation.

Until then, perhaps it's a package from a mysterious secret admirer containing tiny heart cut confetti, scented candles, Settlers of Catan, tiny stickers, homemade cookies, pictures, shrinki-dink materials, paint, bubbles, dollar store finds and beautiful Bible promises.

Ahh, I love anticipation.


Andrea said...

Haha...I like how my package is described as "modest." At least your imagination is pretty accurate on that one. :)

life happens said...

settlers of catan and home made cookies... :)
mmm... that is dreamy!