Monday, January 30, 2012

My very own Atelerix Albiventris

Guess what lives in my yard!?

If you said a four-toed hedgehog or Atelerix Albiventris than you are correct! Gabriel brought this little guy to me Saturday night and I was in love :) Look how cute! I did all sorts of research online about these little guys and have learned a lot about the exotic pet world of hedgehogs.

I was planning on keeping him in a cage in the house, but decided until I can actually get a proper functioning cage I'll let him live in the garden where he can eat bugs to his hearts content. But I've got plans for him don't you worry!

I learned all sorts of interesting facts. (thank you wikipedia)

For example, did you know that hedgehogs have a tendency to be obese? They normally cover lots of ground in the night looking for bugs so keeping them in a tiny box is cruel and can make them fat.

They are also illegal in several states (CA, Hawaii included) and you must have a license to own it in other states.

The best fact that I learned is that they show hedgehogs! Can you imagine? I've decided that after I get my cage built I'll start training him and then I'll be able to show him in the states and win lots of money, breed him and get a million blue ribbons for my nameless hedgehog.

Which leads me to my last problem. He doesn't have a name. I've gotten some suggestions but I would love your opinion on them.

Sonic the Wild Hedgehog
Carseat 2 Electric Bugaloo the Hedgehog

So add one of your own or vote on one already out.


peme said...

In Slovak language we call them ježko or ježo.. read yeshko or yesho :)

Meredith R said...

Quilliam :-)

Shae Shae Fantastica said...

Rufus Wainwright

Tania said...


Ansley said...



Meriwether Lewis! (as in Lewis & Clark)

life happens said...

oh oh oh!!!


i think chester is the BEST name for a cute little guy like him!

ps... i don't think you want to cuddle with him at night.

kessia reyne said...

I'm with

Rufio :)