Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To my dearest and best Kaka

To my best and dearst kaka.

You have always made me laugh when I was angry.

You always made me play the bad guy when we were kids.

You made me be the 'bad student' when we played school, having to arrive late.

You were kind enough to plan me a surprise party the day after my real party.

You could get me to play games in the evening with the family.

You could never tell if I was crying or laughing.

You helped come up with the name of our childhood cat, Carseat.

You are an amazing actor, friend, son and most of all you are my caca I mean kaka.

Boy, ya gotta love the Swahili language. It says it all.

So Christopher Reaves, you will always be my kaka.

I love you!


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Andrea said...

ha! And I always thought hermano was a funny word.