Thursday, February 16, 2012


(me and my sleeping bag of illness)
It's midnight.

This is what I get for sleeping for two days straight, but what other choices did I have when I was sick with a sore throat, clogged nose and a fever that was medicated by Day and Night-quil.

At least at night it's cold and it's the time when all of America is up.

Besides the last two days I have been quite productive here.
  • Waiting for the next step of the well, the pipes to be laid and the water to be sampled.
  • The chickens have laid eggs (pictures tomorrow)
  • A facebook cause to help raise money for the day to day expenses of running the orphanage (check it out here or on the sidebar of the blog)
  • I started inventory of the kitchen and the rest of the house
  • Worked on speaking engagements for southern California in mid April
  • Played with the kids at Cradle of Love
  • Visited with our neighbor
  • Made progress on getting cows for the property
  • Drank mango juice from the trees on the property
So I guess I have been busy. I've got a lot to do before I head back to California for Liz's wedding on April 4. Sickness is not something that is on my list however!

If you are in the southern or central California area and are interested in hosting a home presentation in April please let me know. The more people we can get the word out to the better.

Here's to sleep.

“Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them.”
~Edgar Allan Poe


Anthony said...

Have you thought about contacting the Wawona Library?

laSonya said...

Do you have their contact information?

Tania said...

Hope you feel better soon Sonya!!!

Andrea said...

Edgar Allan Poe WOULD hate sleep. You have a good list of "at-leasts."

Anonymous said...

Hope you are once well once again. You have definately gotten a lot done. Who is the sweet little girl Jackie?

kessia reyne said...

MicroSemi (that place where my mom and sister work that likes Small Steps for Compassion) is in Northern/Central California area. Maybe they'd like to hear from you??