Monday, March 5, 2012

Children's Home

I just had someone I had never met come to our gate. It was a Bibi, Grandma. She was coming to tell me about her grandchildren. Their father died of HIV and their mother is very sick. There are three children and she wanted to know if I could help them, if I could take her grandchildren and raise them. She herself is sick and isn't able to help them.


As of right now I took her information and will give it to our social worker to investigate and decide if they fit our requirements. There is nothing I can do right now.

It has hit me though, this is real. There is a need. If you build it they will come. Things are starting to pick up.

We pray that our water will be running, that our license will be framed and posted on our wall and that Jackie and Irene will be snuggled deep in their beds asleep all by the end of March. Give or take a few Tanzanian days.

This is a home of safety, where children can be loved and taught the love of God. Where they will grow up knowing they are loved by people here and most importantly that they are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. Who loved them so much He sent His son, Jesus Christ to set them free, to pay the adoption price.

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Auntie Karen said...

I will pray that things get completed soon, so that Jackie and Irene can come and live with you. I know they would absolutely thrive...and the bonus is...they would be raised knowing Jesus...and on the lighter side...they would get to enjoy 'Lucky Charms'! :)