Thursday, March 29, 2012

My cup of water runneth over.

One week shy of six months I was given the gift of a flushing toilet, a crisp shower and a flowing sink.

The water I have now isn’t the final product. The company we are working with still hasn’t finished their job but because they know we have lots of people here, including a foster child (more on her later), they temporarily dragged some pipes on the ground to fill my tank in the attic J

I can flush my toilet without hauling water in from the hand dug well outside the house.

I can shower off while standing up and without pretending I am bathing in a river because the water is brown-ish and has grass floating in it.

I can wash my face at night without imagining I am on the Oregon Trail using the last of our water before we cross the Rocky Mountains.

I can rest easy because I won’t hit rock bottom (literal rock bottom) and run out of water if I wash my clothes, do the dishes, take a shower and flush the toilet three times all in the same day.

Here are some pictures documenting the REALLY long process that brought me to yesterday. . . just kidding. I might have running water but I still have slow internet :) I'll post them soon!

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